Torque Wrench JM Series Drive 3/8"


SKU : Torque Wrench JM 3/8

All-Metal Reversible Ratchet Head Setting Torque Wrench Series


หมวดหมู่ : Products Xgear Torque Wrench


  • All-steel construction.
  • The 45-tooth reversible ratchet head for both clockwise and counterclockwise operation.
  • +/-3% accuracy in clockwise direction exceeds international specifications.(+/-4% accuracy when the torque ≥500N.m)
  • Unique, stay-in-place,Lock Ring makes adjustments easier and secures selected torque from accidental change.
  • Metric scale with fine increments and reference English scales are easy to read and set.
  • The identity code marked on each wrench makes it possible to keep accurate records.
  • Non slip grooved handle.

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